Central European Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course

9th – 10th September 2024
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Palacký University Olomouc

Introduction to the course

The course includes lectures, temporal bone dissection held in a step-by-step mode and panel discussions. Variety of lectures will cover all aspects of endoscopic ear surgery – principles, starting with ‘How to begin‘, equipment and instrumentation, OR set-up, raising tympanomeatal flap, endoscopic ear anatomy, basic and advanced techniques. The main emphasis will be given to hands-on temporal bone dissection.

Course objectives

This course aims to introduce endoscopic ear surgery techniques to ENT specialists and trainees. It will cover endoscopic ear surgery in its entirety. The course should provide necessary knowledge and expertise to allow participants to incorporate endoscopic ear surgery into their clinical practice.

Target audience

The course is intended for otorhinolaryngology residents, otology fellows, and otologists who would like to begin or deepen their knowledge and refine their skills in endoscopic ear surgery. The number of participants is strictly limited to 20. The course itself and lab dissection are suitable for both junior trainees and practising endoscopic ear surgeons. We offer an observer registration as well.